Why KCI?

  • In this modern age of western culture and lifestyle and culture, we have been distracted from our roots and the path that the gurus had paved for us
  • It is common for Sikhs to live their lives without any spiritual experiences due to improper guidance
  • Many find it difficult to begin their spiritual journey, despite efforts they may make
  • Some may even find it difficult to make the effort that is required

Benefits of KCI

  • The aim of Khalsa Camp is to help you “Discover the Spirit Within”
  • Khalsa Camp seeks to push-start those who need to begin their journey, inspire those who have already begun and share with those who have travelled far on the path of God
  • To be in the company of inspiring Sikhs from around the world
  • To learn from inspirational and internationally renowned speakers
  • To be spiritually recharged and refreshed
  • To enlighten the Spirit and confidence in the personality of a person so that one can succeed in both Spiritual and professional aspects