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About KCI

Khalsa Camp is a non-profit event that takes place every summer, allowing anyone, regardless of their faith from around the world to come together in a lush green hilly location to learn about various aspects of Sikhi. Khalsa Camp provides accommodation and food for attendees for the complete duration of the camp. The content of the camp is a mixture of simran, keertan, lectures, discussions, seminars, workshops and activities. We always work hard to bring the most enlightening, inspiring and educational experience you can imagine. Speakers from around the world are always invited to share their knowledge and experience of the most important aspects the Sikhi way of living. At Khalsa Camp, our aim is to make every attendee aware of Gurbani and Gurmat and to allow them to discover the spirit within.


Camp fee is Rs. 500 per head which will cover the costs of shared accommodation, food, activities and other associated costs.